Maricopa Trail + Park Foundation

Prickly Pedal Mountain Bike Race

Prickly Pedal Mountain Bike Race
November 21, 2020
8:30 am - 12:00 pm

Featuring an approximately 40-mile ride, the 2020 Prickly Pedal is race comprised of three (3) timed cross country stages. Stage 1 is from Spur Cross Conservation Area to Andy Kunasek TH. Stage 2 is from the Maricopa Trail intersection with the Black Canyon TR (near Game and Fish HQ) to the east side of New River Rd/Maricopa TR crossing. XC Stage 3 starts just west of Lake Pleasant Harbor Blvd on the Maricopa TR and finishes at Ten Lane Boat Launch Area of Lake Pleasant Regional Park via the Beardsley and Frog Tanks TR Category winners are determined by the fastest combined time of the three (3) XC Stages. Each timed Stage showcases Maricopa Trail diversity. Aggressive ascents and descents, grinding it out on the flats, rocks, water, sand, mud, and roller coaster runs are all part of the fun of this challenging course.